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000 Feature good money after LMS

Throwing Good Money after LMS

Posted December 12, 2012 by Eric Matas

We’ve already made a significant investment, so we’re going to stick with it. I hear these arguments often from companies who have spent boat loads of money on some overpriced, clunky Learning Management System. Really, they have spent lots of dollars and probably way too much time using the tool to load users and courses. […]

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elearning on ipad
Featured Article

Make eLearning for the iPad for FREE

Posted July 14, 2011 by Eric Matas

I feel some guilty pleasure when other trainers and elearning developers become jealous of my elearning app for the iPad. Because the Mac iOS doesn’t support Flash, many of my colleagues haven’t been able to take advantage of the best elearning tool ever: the iPad. My app did not cost that much ($7,000 developed in […]

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No More eLearning Software

Posted May 13, 2011 by Eric Matas

I cursed myself in a current post (What I Like About eLearning) when I included a semi-sarcastic comment about having umpteen programs open on my computer every day in order to get my elearning work done. Since then I have articulated at least one non-HR-approved word in reaction to slow computer action or even crashes. […]

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eLearning Tools

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

Posted May 6, 2011 by Eric Matas

Larry Ober has been nominated as Best eLearning Designer in the Maestro eLearning Awards, dubbed the OSCARS of the eLearning industry. What follows is an interview between Steve and the award’s organizers, Maestro eLearning. Q. How did you get your start with eLearning design? Several years ago we engaged a vendor to create three eLearning modules for […]

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SF Acquires Plateau

My LMS vendor just got acquired by another company! Now what?!

Posted April 28, 2011 by B.J. Schone

The landscape of learning management system (LMS) vendors is constantly changing. There have been dozens of acquisitions in the past decade, including a big one this week. This can be a scary time if your organization happens to be using an LMS that gets acquired by or merged with another company. After all, you’ve most […]

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eLearning Brothers Templates and Interactions
eLearning Tools

Easily Add Flash Interactions to eLearning

Posted February 16, 2011 by Eric Matas

Don’t worry: no Flash is required. You don’t need to know how to program in Flash, and you don’t even need to own Flash software. You just need to head to eLearningInteractions.com and use the intuitive online tool. Once online, you are five steps away from having a beautiful Flash file (.SWF) to insert into […]

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Topyx Image
LMS Spotlight

LMS Spotlight: TOPYX

Posted January 31, 2011 by Eric Matas

As part of my research on LMS options, I found one that is so inexpensive that it still boggles my brain. Let me get right to the price before I share the features: $15,000 per year. For TOPYX, that’s it. If you have been a part of purchasing an LMS, you know that 15 grand […]

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