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Lectora Tips! 3 Ways to Create e-Learning Magic

Category: eLearning Tools Published on 19 Mar, 2012

There are some familiar tools in Lectora® e-Learning software that can be used creatively to create not-so common results. Lectora features and functionality can be used in all different ways to maximize the power of the software during the development phases, and consequently, add pizzazz to your next e-Learning course or training. Use these 3 […]

Mobile Learning is My Favorite

Category: Asides Published on 17 Feb, 2012
mmm mlearning

My first child was distance learning: online college courses. That kid never thought things were as convenient as they could be. My second, the middle child (so far), was corporate elearning. That kid has an attention problem. My third child, my precious baby, is mlearning. I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite…but this […]

Free and Easy Learning on

Category: Media, Video Published on 09 Feb, 2012

I have been learning a lot about elearning development and course delivery methods. Many trainers out there know that video is an important tool that will help ease and dramatically accelerate the delivery of course content to learners, and it seems to me that the elearning industry still hasn’t figured out a way to utilize […]

Online Forums on Effective Audio and Video Use

Category: Asides, Event News Published on 03 Feb, 2012

The eLearning Guild hosts several Online Forums throughout the year. This month, the forum focuses on effective use of audio and video in elearning. You can visit their site to see the full lineup. I am posting an image of the day one content, selfishly, because it shows me in the line-up as Ray Jimenez. […]

Learning Tech 2012 Conference Update

Category: Event News Published on 27 Jan, 2012

Conference News! This April, in Chicago, I will be speaking about  mlearning design and strategy at Learning Tech 2012. I love Chicago. It’s a city with an energy that makes events especially invigorating. I hope to see you there, April 23-25. For more information, I contacted Courtney Green in New York to ask her about […]

Holiday Lights and the User Experience

Category: Editor Comment, Theory Published on 23 Dec, 2011
xmas lights 2

I fiddle with designing experiences and often talk about the user experience during projects. When I get questions about what “user experience” is, I like analogies to help me answer. So what can the holiday season teach us about the user experience? Does Santa Claus have some insight? Is there some wisdom a midst the candles of […]

In the Eye of the DevLearn 2011 Storm

Category: Featured Article Published on 17 Nov, 2011
Eric and Shonit Speaking at DevLearn11

If DevLearn 2011 at the Aria in Las Vegas did anything, it confirmed one certainty about elearning: elearning is exhilarating. eLearning is esoteric, cutting edge, tumultuous, and sexy. And elearning is an industry. Yes, elearning is a thrilling industry that combines esoteric theory like gamification, cutting edge tools like Cloud technologies, tumultuous teetering between HTML5 […]

eLearning Thought Leaders: Mark Lassoff

Category: Featured Article Published on 12 Nov, 2011
Mark Lassoff of

I was very lucky to catch Mark Lassoff in between speaking at DevLearn, working on his forthcoming book from Focal Press, and producing his next training video for the company he founded, Mark is an anomoly in the world of elearning these days, because he knows how to code. I’m not just talking about […]

3D Tips for the Part-Time eLearning Freelancer

Category: Featured Article Published on 26 Jul, 2011
Win or Lose Start Up

One of the best pieces of advice my father gave me was, “Discover what you’re good at and then learn how to make money at it.” Just like most obedient young boys, I totally ignored my father’s advice. Even though I’ve been drawing and cartooning my whole life and developing elearning for the past ten […]

Too Hot for eLearning

Category: Theory Published on 19 Jul, 2011

By the time school let out each summer, I was already done learning. Sure, classes were wrapping up and testing was done, but I was intellectually checked-out because it was too hot for learning. Right now, in the midwest especially, the heat and humidity are collaborating to ruin everyone’s days. The dew point is so […]

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