Easily Add Flash Interactions to eLearning

Category: eLearning Tools Published on 16 Feb, 2011
eLearning Brothers Templates and Interactions

Don’t worry: no Flash is required. You don’t need to know how to program in Flash, and you don’t even need to own Flash software. You just need to head to eLearningInteractions.com and use the intuitive online tool. Once online, you are five steps away from having a beautiful Flash file (.SWF) to insert into […]

eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

Category: Interview Published on 09 Feb, 2011
OpenSesame Screen Shot

I interviewed the guys at OpenSesame to find out what they are up to and why everyone is talking about the hoodies from DevLearn. They are changing the way elearning, module-by-module, is bought and sold online. eLearning Weekly Interview with Josh Blank, SVP/General Manager, and Tom Turnbull, VP/Community Development at Open Sesame eLW: I go […]

Map Your eLearning Career Path

Category: eLearning Careers Published on 03 Feb, 2011
elearning career path

Many people recognize the potential of elearning and want to know more about how to get into the industry. I get asked how I got into elearning. For me, it started with being a techy, then a writing teacher, then an online course designer and developer, then an instructional designer, and finally to an elearning […]

LMS Spotlight: TOPYX

Category: LMS Spotlight Published on 31 Jan, 2011
Topyx Image

As part of my research on LMS options, I found one that is so inexpensive that it still boggles my brain. Let me get right to the price before I share the features: $15,000 per year. For TOPYX, that’s it. If you have been a part of purchasing an LMS, you know that 15 grand […]

How to Stand Out to Get eLearning Jobs

Category: Editor Comment, eLearning Careers Published on 26 Jan, 2011

One of eLearningWeekly.com’s most popular posts is eLearning Jobs. It is even far more popular than the follow-up that B.J. posted called More eLearning Job Resources. Both posts offer links to sites that show elearning job listings galore. But what do you do once you’ve found a job you want? We’re here to help with […]

eLearning Thought Leaders: Eric Bort of Clearly Trained

Category: Interview Published on 18 Jan, 2011

If you haven’t heard of Eric Bort, or don’t follow him on Twitter, don’t be surprised. He’s not ubiquitous online like other thought leaders. But his elearning has been seen by millions and it speaks for itself. This interview, perhaps more than any other we’ve done, will appeal to small business owners or those who […]

The eLearning Security Leak

Category: eLearning, Theory Published on 11 Nov, 2010

Words and images spread fast online. Internet 2.0 offers many tools for sharing a status update or image with a network, which can then share with a larger network, and when something goes viral, it seems that everybody knows. In elearning, we are in the business of putting images together to train employees and clients. […]

eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview

Category: Interview Published on 29 Oct, 2010

Jane Bozarth likes social media. She lives on Twitter and Facebook whether online at a computer or connected through an app on a mobile device. Her latest book is Social Media for Trainers. Bozarth will be at DevLearn, November 3-5, so we thought it would be good to interview her as a preview to such […]

What’s Your eLearning Class Size?

Category: Theory Published on 13 Oct, 2010

Can you make elearning that successfully serves 100 students? When I think about my experience in college classrooms and, as a parent, about my children’s classrooms, ideal class size has never been 100.  My daughter’s elementary school averages 18 students per teacher according to Trulia. Although, that ratio, 18:1, might mean that a class with […]

The Terrible Speed of eLearning

Category: Theory Published on 28 Sep, 2010

Sales reps should appreciate this post. This post has been ruminating around in my head ever since an executive suggested turning some classroom training into podcasts back in 2005. But this is not a rant–a long time in the making. It’s a turning point piece, toward a fresh era of elearning. The executive’s reasoning for […]