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Lectora-Tips eLearning Tools

Lectora Tips! 3 Ways to Create e-Learning Magic

There are some familiar tools in Lectora® e-Learning software that can be used creatively to create not-so common results. Lectora features and functionality can be used in all different ways to maximize the power of the software during the development phases, and consequently, add pizzazz to your next e-Learning course or training. Use these 3 […]

justin-tv-featured-image-sm Media

Free and Easy Learning on Justin.tv

I have been learning a lot about elearning development and course delivery methods. Many trainers out there know that video is an important tool that will help ease and dramatically accelerate the delivery of course content to learners, and it seems to me that the elearning industry still hasn’t figured out a way to utilize […]

learning_tech-logos_back Event News

Learning Tech 2012 Conference Update

Conference News! This April, in Chicago, I will be speaking about  mlearning design and strategy at Learning Tech 2012. I love Chicago. It’s a city with an energy that makes events especially invigorating. I hope to see you there, April 23-25. For more information, I contacted Courtney Green in New York to ask her about […]

Mark Lassoff of LearnToProgram.tv Featured Article

eLearning Thought Leaders: Mark Lassoff

I was very lucky to catch Mark Lassoff in between speaking at DevLearn, working on his forthcoming book from Focal Press, and producing his next training video for the company he founded, LearnToProgram.tv. Mark is an anomoly in the world of elearning these days, because he knows how to code. I’m not just talking about […]

Win or Lose Start Up Featured Article

3D Tips for the Part-Time eLearning Freelancer

One of the best pieces of advice my father gave me was, “Discover what you’re good at and then learn how to make money at it.” Just like most obedient young boys, I totally ignored my father’s advice. Even though I’ve been drawing and cartooning my whole life and developing elearning for the past ten […]


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0-0 luxury

The Luxury of Instructional Design

It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. – James Thurber You hear about the next training project you and your team have to manage. What questions come to mind? After questions about the m...
by Eric Matas

Top eLearning Skills 2011

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011

What are the skills you need to land an elearning job? Working in elearning taps into many skill sets. Designing or developing elearning  requires experience in training and project management as much as audio and video produc...
by Eric Matas

0-0 Thin Mints

The Thin Mints of eLearning

Ding-dong. Girls. Girls’ club. An organization for young girls, young women, powerful women. And it’s for the kids! Delicious cookies. (It teaches them about business. About selling. Money. Honesty.) I’d like ...
by Eric Matas


eLearning Brothers Templates and Interactions

Easily Add Flash Interactions to eLearning

Don’t worry: no Flash is required. You don’t need to know how to program in Flash, and you don’t even need to own Flash software. You just need to head to eLearningInteractions.com and use the intuitive online...
by Eric Matas

OpenSesame Screen Shot

eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

I interviewed the guys at OpenSesame to find out what they are up to and why everyone is talking about the hoodies from DevLearn. They are changing the way elearning, module-by-module, is bought and sold online. eLearning Weekl...
by Eric Matas


elearning career path

Map Your eLearning Career Path

Many people recognize the potential of elearning and want to know more about how to get into the industry. I get asked how I got into elearning. For me, it started with being a techy, then a writing teacher, then an online cour...
by Eric Matas


Topyx Image

LMS Spotlight: TOPYX

As part of my research on LMS options, I found one that is so inexpensive that it still boggles my brain. Let me get right to the price before I share the features: $15,000 per year. For TOPYX, that’s it. If you have been...
by Eric Matas


How to Stand Out to Get eLearning Jobs

One of eLearningWeekly.com’s most popular posts is eLearning Jobs. It is even far more popular than the follow-up that B.J. posted called More eLearning Job Resources. Both posts offer links to sites that show elearning j...
by Eric Matas


eLearning Thought Leaders: Eric Bort of Clearly Trained

If you haven’t heard of Eric Bort, or don’t follow him on Twitter, don’t be surprised. He’s not ubiquitous online like other thought leaders. But his elearning has been seen by millions and it speaks for...
by Eric Matas