Make eLearning for the iPad for FREE

Category: Featured Article Published on 14 Jul, 2011
elearning on ipad

I feel some guilty pleasure when other trainers and elearning developers become jealous of my elearning app for the iPad. Because the Mac iOS doesn’t support Flash, many of my colleagues haven’t been able to take advantage of the best elearning tool ever: the iPad. My app did not cost that much ($7,000 developed in […]

No More eLearning Software

Category: Theory Published on 13 May, 2011

I cursed myself in a current post (What I Like About eLearning) when I included a semi-sarcastic comment about having umpteen programs open on my computer every day in order to get my elearning work done. Since then I have articulated at least one non-HR-approved word in reaction to slow computer action or even crashes. […]

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

Category: eLearning Tools Published on 06 May, 2011

Larry Ober has been nominated as Best eLearning Designer in the Maestro eLearning Awards, dubbed the OSCARS of the eLearning industry. What follows is an interview between Steve and the award’s organizers, Maestro eLearning. Q. How did you get your start with eLearning design? Several years ago we engaged a vendor to create three eLearning modules for […]

My LMS vendor just got acquired by another company! Now what?!

Category: eLearning Published on 28 Apr, 2011
SF Acquires Plateau

The landscape of learning management system (LMS) vendors is constantly changing. There have been dozens of acquisitions in the past decade, including a big one this week. This can be a scary time if your organization happens to be using an LMS that gets acquired by or merged with another company. After all, you’ve most […]

What I Like About eLearning

Category: eLearning, Theory Published on 22 Mar, 2011

I was never really good in art class growing up. I’d immerse myself in the project of the day and be proud of what I’d made, only to look up at the end and discover that everyone else had glued their macaroni or painted their plate just a little better than I. I particularly liked […]

The Return of Code

Category: eLearning Tools Published on 14 Mar, 2011
HTML eLearning2

So much work has been done to take code out of the equation. We’ve become a WYSIWYG generation with all the convenient tools for web and elearning development. This WordPress blog you are reading is a perfect example, and the proliferation of blogs in the past 5 years is a direct result of WYSIWYG tools. These DIY […]

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011 – A Follow-Up

Category: Theory Published on 07 Mar, 2011
Elearning Skills Pie Chart #2

eLearning Weekly welcomes our newest contributor, Kevin Thorn. Following up on last week’s post titled, “Top 5 Skills for eLearning in 2011,” I’d like to explore this at a different angle. We could go two ways with this: Brand new to the eLearning industry, or a seasoned veteran honing their skills. The comments generated from […]

The Luxury of Instructional Design

Category: Theory Published on 02 Mar, 2011
0-0 luxury

It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. – James Thurber You hear about the next training project you and your team have to manage. What questions come to mind? After questions about the main content, you’ll probably have questions about time, people and money. How long do you have to […]

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011

Category: eLearning Careers Published on 27 Feb, 2011
Top eLearning Skills 2011

What are the skills you need to land an elearning job? Working in elearning taps into many skill sets. Designing or developing elearning  requires experience in training and project management as much as audio and video production. I focus here on what I think are the top skills for elearning now, in 2011. These are […]

The Thin Mints of eLearning

Category: eLearning, Theory Published on 21 Feb, 2011
0-0 Thin Mints

Ding-dong. Girls. Girls’ club. An organization for young girls, young women, powerful women. And it’s for the kids! Delicious cookies. (It teaches them about business. About selling. Money. Honesty.) I’d like to sell to you, for $3.50, a box of thin chocolaty-minty learning cookies. Learning that you would enjoy. Binge on. Freeze for later. And even […]