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eLearning Isn’t Brain Surgery

Category: eLearning, Theory Published on 08 Feb, 2013
Surgeon Wearing Scrubs

Brain surgery is incredibly hard and everyone knows it. eLearning design—let’s face it—is not brain surgery. It’s worse. It’s just a little more difficult than most people realize. No one just gives brain surgery “a try” without the right education and experience, but just about everyone who has ever been in a classroom and had […]

Genius Steals

Category: Crazy Ideas, Design, Theory Published on 09 Jan, 2013
0000 TalentBorrows

Occasionally a colleague or customer asks, “Where do you come up with such creative designs?” After basking in the compliment for a few moments, I disappoint them with an honest answer: “I steal them, mostly.” They’re disappointed because they have the wrong idea about what creativity is all about. They have a fuzzy notion of […]

Real Brainstorms No. 47J: Track This

Category: Brainstorming, Crazy Ideas Published on 18 Dec, 2012
00000 elw mag BRAINSTORMING

Reading this, you likely have the crazy gene I believe in, having no clinical evidence of such DNA. If you don’t sport that lovely mythical chromosome, please comment below so we can document opinions that my clock’s cuckoo. Brainstorm No. 47J: Don’t track training. Instead of hoarding training certificates and quiz scores in a bloated LMS, […]

Training Success Interview: Vanessa Smith of ANCILE

Category: Interview, Training Success Published on 16 Dec, 2012

We love when training wins. eLearning Weekly is searching for success stories from trainers and training companies. We found a good story from ANCILE Solutions. I read their case study and then set up a call with Vanessa Smith, who played a pivotal role working with a utility company wanting to improve its call center. […]

Throwing Good Money after LMS

Category: Business, Change Published on 12 Dec, 2012
000 Feature good money after LMS

We’ve already made a significant investment, so we’re going to stick with it. I hear these arguments often from companies who have spent boat loads of money on some overpriced, clunky Learning Management System. Really, they have spent lots of dollars and probably way too much time using the tool to load users and courses. […]

Outsourcing Task 101

Category: Business, Theory Published on 07 Dec, 2012

After a walk down the The 4-Hour Work Week alley, many jump into the Google Olympics for the best/cheapest virtual assistant service providers. Guilty? The internet is plagued with many MagicJack-infested work centers located in economically convenient yet mistrustful corners of the developing world. When the standard HTML studded 2003 looking websites don’t convince you […]

Holiday Lights and the User Experience

Category: Editor Comment, Theory Published on 23 Dec, 2011
xmas lights 2

I fiddle with designing experiences and often talk about the user experience during projects. When I get questions about what “user experience” is, I like analogies to help me answer. So what can the holiday season teach us about the user experience? Does Santa Claus have some insight? Is there some wisdom a midst the candles of […]

Too Hot for eLearning

Category: Theory Published on 19 Jul, 2011

By the time school let out each summer, I was already done learning. Sure, classes were wrapping up and testing was done, but I was intellectually checked-out because it was too hot for learning. Right now, in the midwest especially, the heat and humidity are collaborating to ruin everyone’s days. The dew point is so […]

No More eLearning Software

Category: Theory Published on 13 May, 2011

I cursed myself in a current post (What I Like About eLearning) when I included a semi-sarcastic comment about having umpteen programs open on my computer every day in order to get my elearning work done. Since then I have articulated at least one non-HR-approved word in reaction to slow computer action or even crashes. […]

What I Like About eLearning

Category: eLearning, Theory Published on 22 Mar, 2011

I was never really good in art class growing up. I’d immerse myself in the project of the day and be proud of what I’d made, only to look up at the end and discover that everyone else had glued their macaroni or painted their plate just a little better than I. I particularly liked […]

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