Last-Minute DevLearn Tips and Suggestions

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DevLearn 2009 begins this coming week in San Jose, CA, and I thought I’d write a quick post containing tips and suggestions for both attendees and people who wish to participate remotely.

One of the most important things: The hashtag for DevLearn 2009 is dl09.

To track all things related to DevLearn, you’ll want to:

Here are a few other helpful links:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be presenting two sessions at DevLearn (one on micro-blogging and one on WordPress). Please drop in if these topics interest you. I’m always happy to continue discussions after the presentation as well, so don’t be shy!

B.J. Schone

Author: B.J. Schone

B.J. is the Founding Editor of eLearning Weekly and has contributed more than 150 articles. He works in elearning at Qualcomm, focusing on mobile learning.


  • Amber Stokes
    November 10, 2009 11:44 am   Reply

    Hey BJ-

    I am happy to finally be able to meet you at a conference. I have been a fan of your blog and we share a mizzou connection.

    I would be stoked to meet up with you during the conference if you can make the time. At least I will make my way to introduce myself and catch a chat and attend one of your presentations.


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