AG08 Presentation – Working Harmoniously with your IT Department (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

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I’m attaching the handouts from a presentation I did at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering 2008. The presentation is called Working Harmoniously with your IT Department (Yes, It Can Be Done!). We had a great discussion with everyone that attended. Most everyone (including a few IT people!) shared stories and we discussed ways to help bridge the all-too-often communication gap between HR/training departments and IT departments. Enjoy the handouts!

B.J. Schone

Author: B.J. Schone

B.J. is the Founding Editor of eLearning Weekly and has contributed more than 150 articles. He works in elearning at Qualcomm, focusing on mobile learning.


  • Brent Schlenker
    April 29, 2008 6:46 pm   Reply

    Hi BJ!
    thanks for posting your handouts for attendees. We also have them on the Guild Resource page for attendees of the conference.
    Thanks for attending the event and sharing your experiences. Did anyone capture any of the ideas during the discussion? That would be fun to share/discuss as well.

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