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I ran across a great resource today: a web site that provides free tutorial movies that can help you better integrate learning and technology. The site is Teacher Training Videos, created by Russell Stannard. Russell is a principal lecturer at the University of Westminster.

Some of his tutorial movies include:

On the site, Russell says, “Look out for the new videos on Moodle, Facebook & social networks and 2nd Life.” I look forward to them. Thanks, Russell!

B.J. Schone

Author: B.J. Schone

B.J. is the Founding Editor of eLearning Weekly and has contributed more than 150 articles. He works in elearning at Qualcomm, focusing on mobile learning.


  • K Hebert
    October 11, 2007 1:21 pm   Reply

    Wow, that is a great free resource! I came across a great podcast and blog site concerning e-Learning Lingo and jargon used often in the industry. Each week, SyberWorks, Inc. posts a new word on the website and gives listeners and viewers a chance to comment on the podcast. It is a great educational resource!

    The site for the blog is:

    Take a look!

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