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I am constantly looking for ways to make learning experiences interesting and engaging. It can be really difficult; some content is just dreadfully boring. I decided to compile 25 eLearning interactions that improve the learning experience, and I put them into a new eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning. You can download a copy of the eBook from its official web site: I also plan on blogging about the different learning interactions over the next several weeks on the eBook’s web site. I look forward to comments and (constructive) criticism to help me improve what I have so far. Please contribute! And I hope you enjoy the eBook!

B.J. Schone

Author: B.J. Schone

B.J. is the Founding Editor of eLearning Weekly and has contributed more than 150 articles. He works in elearning at Qualcomm, focusing on mobile learning.

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