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Lectora-Tips eLearning Tools

Lectora Tips! 3 Ways to Create e-Learning Magic

There are some familiar tools in Lectora® e-Learning software that can be used creatively to create not-so common results. Lectora features and functionality can be used in all different ways to maximize the power of the software during the development phases, and consequently, add pizzazz to your next e-Learning course or training. Use these 3 […]

justin-tv-featured-image-sm Media

Free and Easy Learning on Justin.tv

I have been learning a lot about elearning development and course delivery methods. Many trainers out there know that video is an important tool that will help ease and dramatically accelerate the delivery of course content to learners, and it seems to me that the elearning industry still hasn’t figured out a way to utilize […]

learning_tech-logos_back Event News

Learning Tech 2012 Conference Update

Conference News! This April, in Chicago, I will be speaking about  mlearning design and strategy at Learning Tech 2012. I love Chicago. It’s a city with an energy that makes events especially invigorating. I hope to see you there, April 23-25. For more information, I contacted Courtney Green in New York to ask her about […]

Mark Lassoff of LearnToProgram.tv Featured Article

eLearning Thought Leaders: Mark Lassoff

I was very lucky to catch Mark Lassoff in between speaking at DevLearn, working on his forthcoming book from Focal Press, and producing his next training video for the company he founded, LearnToProgram.tv. Mark is an anomoly in the world of elearning these days, because he knows how to code. I’m not just talking about […]

Win or Lose Start Up Featured Article

3D Tips for the Part-Time eLearning Freelancer

One of the best pieces of advice my father gave me was, “Discover what you’re good at and then learn how to make money at it.” Just like most obedient young boys, I totally ignored my father’s advice. Even though I’ve been drawing and cartooning my whole life and developing elearning for the past ten […]


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Storyline Female Characters Too Sexy

Key stakeholders agree: the female characters in Storyline are too sexy to use in elearning courses. Three times is a charm, and three times now elearning projects have hit bumps due to the use of Storyline’s female chara...
by Eric Matas

Surgeon Wearing Scrubs

eLearning Isn’t Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is incredibly hard and everyone knows it. eLearning design—let’s face it—is not brain surgery. It’s worse. It’s just a little more difficult than most people realize. No one just gives brain surgery “a...
by Ben Butina

HelpMeShine ss2

Startup Interview: HelpMeShine

Six years after starting the blog that became this magazine, learning and development maven B.J. Schone has founded HelpMeShine. I talked with B.J. to get all the details about his new venture and how users can benefit from thi...
by Eric Matas


0000 TalentBorrows

Genius Steals

Occasionally a colleague or customer asks, “Where do you come up with such creative designs?” After basking in the compliment for a few moments, I disappoint them with an honest answer: “I steal them, mostly.” They’re...
by Ben Butina

00000 elw mag BRAINSTORMING

Real Brainstorms No. 47J: Track This

Reading this, you likely have the crazy gene I believe in, having no clinical evidence of such DNA. If you don’t sport that lovely mythical chromosome, please comment below so we can document opinions that my clock’...
by Eric Matas



Training Success Interview: Vanessa Smith of ANCILE

We love when training wins. eLearning Weekly is searching for success stories from trainers and training companies. We found a good story from ANCILE Solutions. I read their case study and then set up a call with Vanessa Smith,...
by Eric Matas


000 Success Stories Post Feat

Share Your Company and Work on ELW MAG

We want to know about you and your company so we can write about your success stories here on eLearning Weekly Magazine. You can get featured by completing our form here. We noticed many entrepreneurs reading our articles and s...
by Eric Matas

000 Feature good money after LMS

Throwing Good Money after LMS

We’ve already made a significant investment, so we’re going to stick with it. I hear these arguments often from companies who have spent boat loads of money on some overpriced, clunky Learning Management System. Rea...
by Eric Matas

0000 IT Department Pic

All Out War: Trainers vs IT

If the IT department had a say in the matter, there would be nothing new implemented. Increasingly, all people hear from IT is: NO. How did this happen? IT departments went from enabling productivity to stifling growth for the ...
by Eric Matas